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HELLO, I'M Stace Bernard...

Let me share with you how I began my journey to photography.


My mom had vitiligo, which is an auto-immune disorder. This resulted in my mom suffering from a lower self-esteem than what she deserved. As a result, she avoided pictures that showed her natural beauty. As I fast forward to today, I am motivated by her experiences, and seek to capture the best version of one’s self. And ever since, I have been perfecting my craft, leveraging the best of what I have learned against the best features of my subjects. Every one has a story and I use my lenses to help tell it, whether as it is or as it should be.


I started in the genre of boudoir and street photography where I learned strategies around lighting, posing and communicating with clients in a way that made them feel comfortable and able to project naturally. From there I moved to studio portraits, art nudes, fine arts and finally landed at my genre of choice, Glamour photography. And while I shoot many other genres, Glamour photography allows me to celebrate my own mother while helping others to see the beauty within their self.


The perfect subject is the one who is available. For me, I prefer to work with willing and open-minded clients so that I can focus on the creative and technical aspects of photography. Clients who are hesitant and skeptical can provide a great sense of achievement, when after all is said and done, you present them with the best version of themselves. As a Professional Photographer, I don’t have a preference on gender, age, race, shape….none of that matters to me.  My goal is to capture the best version of the person in front of me and present that version to my clients.

Additionally, I’ve appeared on several prominent Magazine features and Credits. Some of them are-

  • Scott Church Gallery
  • Skyn Magazine
  • Ellements Magazine
  • Ultraviolet Magazine
  • Xsync Magazine
  • Babewatch Magazine
  • Definition Magazine
  • Sweet and Inked Magazine
  • Epitiome Magazine
  • Xpressions Magazine
  • Kayobolo Magagizine
  • Red Midnight Magazine
  • BADD Magazine
  • Bad Ass Online Magazine

A client should expect to have a lot of fun in the most laid-back and professional environment anywhere to be found. I tend to play music and since I am eclectic in my taste for music, I can usually adapt to any genre. A client should also expect direction as needed and a healthy dose of feedback, which I also solicit. The art we create is a collaborative effort and I require input to deliver the desired output.


My biggest pet peeve by far is when someone judges others based on the images they want. I can appreciate that most people look at an image and define the person. As a photographer, I look at a person and define the moments.


I take this very seriously and I am a continual learner networked into some of the best photographers on earth. I love creating art that is timeless, permanent and beautiful. I hope to secure your business.

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